Supports/ Programmes Offered

The specific supports we offer to families are as follows:

Meitheal, Parent’s Plus, One-to One Interventions – Children & Young People, Parenting Support, Drop-in


Tusla has developed the Meitheal approach to help children where they may need the support of more than one service. Meitheal is a case co-ordination process for families with additional needs who require multi-agency intervention but who do not meet the threshold for referral to the Social Work Department under Children First. Practitioners in different agencies can use and lead a Meitheal so that they can communicate and work together more effectively to bring together a range of expertise, knowledge and skills to meet the needs of the child and family within their community.

Sligo Springboard Family Support Service’s Family Support Team are trained Meitheal lead practitioners.


Parent’s Plus

Parent’s Plus programmes support families to communicate effectively, build satisfying relationships and overcome emotional and behavioural problems. These programmes combine a social learning model with a solution-focused preventative framework that encourages and empowers parents and children to ‘take charge’ and make positive changes in their lives.

Our programmes comprise of:

  • The Early Years Programme for parents of children aged 1 to 6.

  • The Children’s Programme for parents of children aged 6 to 11.

  • The Adolescents Programme for parents of adolescents aged 11 to 16.

  • The Working Things Out Programme targeted at adolescents aged 11-16.

  • Parenting when Separated Programme is targeted at parents who are preparing for, going through, or have gone through a separation and divorce.

Sligo Springboard Family Support Service have trained facilitators in at least one of these programmes. These programmes are delivered over a number of weeks to families individually or in group settings with another trained facilitator.


One-to-one Interventions – Children and Young People

Family Support Workers will carry out one-to-one interventions with children and young people based on the needs identified in their referral, and as identified by their parent’s/guardians. Such interventions may include building on self-esteem/confidence, personal safety, anger management and understanding of feelings and emotions and how to display these in a safe manner. Supports are designed to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Parenting Support

We work with parents and adults in providing a listening ear and support them in overcoming any difficulties that arise in their daily lives.

As well as supporting parents through the use of Parent’s Plus programmes, the Family Support Workers will support parents to build on their skills in other areas such as the management of the household and developing routines, budgeting/ money management, and communicating effectively with their children’s other parent. The Family Support Workers will advocate with other services on the parent’s behalf and provide emotional support, encouragement and reassurance.


Sligo Springboard Family Support Service facilitates a drop-in service to its current families, along with the extended community. This service is available for those who need to talk when experiencing difficulty or who require supports regarding specific services such as phone use or replying to correspondence or to more complex issues such as mental health and emotional wellbeing. We respond with appropriate actions depending on the level of need. If required, we will signpost the individual/ family to the appropriate service that can best meet their need.